Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY: the creative process.

I recently did a few paintings and I wanted to share with you the creative process I take to get there. I'll use this painting as an example.

First, to get inspiration, I look everyone on the internet. I got the ideas for this particular project on pinterest, and from the facebook page of one of my favourite blogs, a cup of jo.

Once I figured out what I wanted to create, I made a plan. What did I think my final project would look like?

As you can tell, my plan looks a little different from my final product. First of all, I didn't recreate the different coloured painting effect in my plan (just wasn't worth the effort), but also my quote ended up being too long for my canvas, which was a-okay! It's better this way.. less words, therefore simpler! And we all know what a big fan I am of simple!

This is generally how I create most of my crafts. I start with a concept, pulled from inspiration from the internet. Then I create a plan.. and hope for the best! Sometimes it's better to stick to a craft with great instructions, but when you create something of your own... well you can truly call it your own.

I guess the biggest thing I learned from this was to have a plan so I know which direction I'm heading, but to be willing to change the plan if need be. Be prepared, but be flexible!

Happy crafting!