Friday, September 14, 2012

friday faves {fifteen}

oh, okay.

this painting from last weekend.

more washi tape fun.

Things I learned this week:

Follow God's will over my own. In that decision making pro/con list, how many reasons align with what the Bible says? What is biblically correct, and where is God leading me? Am I trying to make my own rules, or following God's?

Be thankful. Love your family. Persevere. Pray always.

I am really awful at French.. I haven't used my French since high school. #rusty

It takes a lot of work to get to a high fitness level but it takes very little work to stay there.. so establish a good strong fitness base level. On that note, I met an exchange student at the pool the other day and helped her with her strokes, super cool!

If you want to sell your textbooks, it requires a combination of a lot of patience, proactiveness, and sensible pricing. I have sold 2 out of 4 textbooks being used this semester, and have now lost a lot of mojo. Boy, it is hard work.

As the school year progresses, I'm sure my friday faves will change as well. It might include my favourite lessons of the week, rather than favourite links. This was only my first week of class, but I have already spent considerably less time just browsing the internet in my free time. So I hope you enjoy learning with me!!