Thursday, July 26, 2012

the reverse braid.

Have you ever heard of the reverse braid (or inside-out french braid or dutch braid)?

This summer I have become a little obsessed with braids. This obsession probably started at the end of high school but I didn't start trying new braids until more recently.

I have now mastered the french braid, which is awesome! It's definitely my go-to braid. I put my hair in a single braid, off to the side when I study, bike, snowboard, and pretty much whenever I want to get my hair out of the way. The only difficulty is that my hair is layered, so the shorter layers come out very easily.

I recently discovered the reverse braid which at first confused me. But it's really a very straightforward concept. It's a french braid.. but backwards!! It was explained to me as showing more of the braid, since in the french braid you tuck everything into itself, and hide the braid. But in the reverse french braid, all the hair goes on the outside so you show off the braid. It's useful when you want a fat voluminous braid (hehe).

See? The braid is on the outside!

It's simple, really. Braid normally, but when you take the side piece and cross it over the middle, cross it under instead. Ta-da! That was easy. Or see this great video tutorial. I'm going to keep practicing this so I can do more cool hairstyles with it. And there are so many ideas with braids on pinterest!

Ultimate goal: this swirly updo.

The waterfall braid... one day.

To the side, with a bun.

A braid within the braid (oops, I let out the secret).

To learn next: the fishtail braid.

(images from pinterest, and thebeautydepartment)