Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY: jewellery organizer

One of my big goals this summer was to either fork up the money to buy a cute and functional jewellery organizer, or just make one myself. All the ones I had seen in shops cost upwards of $30, and the ones I had seen online required tools I did not own, or were way too complicated and time consuming. I knew I had to find the easiest craft possible.. and it was an endless hunt.

It wasn't until this summer when I was in Saint John, at a cute little craft/jewellery market and I saw one of the ladies selling her earrings off a kitchen tray with a drawer liner instead of the actual tray part. It was so cute! Anyway, I kind of had an idea for what I wanted to make for the longest time, but I didn't know what to use as a backing (I'm thinking that this will make more sense once I post pictures). Everything I had read online said to use chicken wire, but I thought that was ridiculous! The holes are huuuuge!! How does that make any sense?!

Anyway I finally figured out a cheap organizer for earrings and necklaces. It's a two part thing but only cost me $5 for the necklace organizer, and about $15 for the earring organizer. I definitely didn't put much time into frame shopping, but you can definitely find a cheap frame somewhere (Salvation Army?) to use instead.

Jewellery Organizer

Earring Organizer:
● Frame
● Drawer liner
● Tape/staples/glue

Necklace Organizer:

Earring Organizer:
  1. Take the frame, and place on drawer liner to measure size of liner. Since I taped the liner to the mat that was provided with my frame, I made the liner about an inch wider than the hole in the mat, on each side. If you are stapling or gluing the liner to the frame, then I would suggest only leaving about half an inch extra on each side.
  2. Attach the liner to the inside of the frame. Make sure you hide the edges so that they aren't sticking out.
  3. Hang/prop up the frame. You can either hang the frame to the wall (I did this to save space in my room, I don't have that much table top space, and this is definitely a big space saver for me.. my earrings used to take up a good half of my dresser top!), or you can also put it on a stand and display it proudly that way too. If you prop it up, then you can also use the organizer for studs. Right now my studs are in a box on my dresser, but they take up a lot less space than if all my hanging earrings were there too.
Necklace Organizer:
  1. Attach rail to wall, and hang hooks Um, that's it. Seriously. It's so simple. My initial idea was to put this on top of my frame to create a curtain effect, but I decided against this to avoid clutter. But seriously, this is so simple and you can hang all sorts of things off the hooks, and the rail. I currently have purses hanging neck to my necklaces right now.
This whole project was so simple, cost me about $20, is way more functional than anything I've seen in stores, and it took me under 30 minutes to complete.

I have this set up in my apartment in Kingston, and I might just have to get one up in my home in Ottawa too! I am so proud of this creation, and I will definitely be showing it off to all my friends who visit me!

Here's the final product: