Saturday, September 17, 2011

birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Henrietta!!

My housemate turns 20 tomorrow! The big two-oh. That's so crazy, I only just turned 19! Twenty is an exciting year, entering a whole new decade! So much excitement ahead! I'm so excited for her!

To celebrate, we're going out for dinner with a whole group of us (about 25 people?) tomorrow, and then I think everyone is coming back to our place to chill. But I wanted to do something for her, so I made her a cake!!

The baking itself was really easy, but I felt like I was cheating because I don't like using cake mix.. but alas I am a student, and did not feel like spending nor carrying all the baking supplies from the grocery store back to my apartment. To compensate for my lack of actual baking, I decorated the cake to match the type of cake. I got one of those rainbow sprinkles cakes, and I wanted the icing to reflect the excitement of the cake too!

Take a look!

The first thing I did was bake the cake, and the cupcakes. While they were cooling, I mixed the icing with the food colouring, according to the food colouring package. Something I learned somewhere online was to cut off the top of your cake, if you want to put anything on top of it. You want the surface to be flat, otherwise things will start toppling!

The cake with the top sliced right off.

And then I went crazy! First a white base, and then I used the colours on the cupcakes and as sprinkles onto the cake itself. Here's the top view where you can see exactly how I decorated it:

Happy birthday Henrietta, may it mark the beginning of an amazing year ahead as housemates, as well as the beginning of another decade full of adventures. You are beautiful through and through, and God has truly blessed me with such an amazing friend in you. Lots of love, Steph.

PS. More about this cake plate I made, later!

PPS. Can you tell I did all the cake decorating in my room? Just in case Henrietta came home! Luckily, she did not through the whole process. The cake is currently sitting in my closet (lol). Can't wait to surprise you! Just please don't read my blog before you come home!