Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a weekend of firsts.

This past weekend, I made a trip to Kingston with my friend Jess to move into my new place!

It was the first time I had gone on a road trip in the driver's seat..! I was both so excited and quite nervous! But it was a very pleasant ride down since the weather was beautiful, there wasn't much traffic, and I had a very talkative travel buddy. Surprisingly, the 2 hour drive down didn't phase me at all. Everyone warned me that I might get tired and to make sure I stop and pull over if I ever did. But it felt just as comfortable as driving in the city. I am super thankful for an easy ride down.

Once we got to Kingston, we checked out my new house, and boy is it dusty! Haha! What can you expect from a house that isn't lived in, though? After we unloaded the car and got the heavy labour out of the way, Jess and I headed downtown to grab some food to eat. At the reasonable hour of 3pm, we had "linner" (lunch+dinner) at Pan Chancho. It was perfect. I had never been, but have heard rave reviews. The food lived up to its reputation. It was amazing! Just light enough, but filling enough. The food and environment were both amazing!


I had a sweet potato hash, off the breakfast menu. It included roasted vegetables, with toast and poached eggs. Delectable! I am a big lover of breakfast foods! Actually the whole weekend, I only ate breakfast. I love all-day breakfast menus! Perfect for me.

Afterwards, we met up with Matt and Silas near City Hall and went for a walk out by the water. I was so not properly dressed for this! We climbed the rocks all the way out to the lighthouse, which was so much fun, but I seriously slipped and slid all over my sandals. But whatever, it made it that much more adventurous.

After playing frisbee and soccer in the park, we were ready for some ice cream so headed to Marble Slab Creamery. I got chai ice cream, with skor, almonds and cookie dough mixed in. Next time I will definitely get less mix-ins. I loved the ice cream but felt like I didn't have enough of it! Too much of everything else.

The next day we headed to Wolfe Island after church with Matt, Silas and Joel. I was very excited for this trip since I had never been before! We rented bikes for $15 each, and biked west until we got close to the windmills where we went to explore a bit. We frolicked through some wheat fields and got to see some windmills up close. It was so pretty, and flat!

After getting bored of the same farm road after a while we turned around and went back east where we found some marked bike paths that lead through more picturesque farm lands. We made a pit stop at some hay bales, and climbed them just for kicks. I don't know which was harder, biking in a skirt or climbing a haystack in a skirt!!

A little sunburnt and sweaty exercised-out, Jess and I headed back to Ottawa with Timmy's Ice Capps in hand, dazed from the sun and with thoughts of summer drifting in our heads.

Check, check, check. Truly a weekend of firsts. First time driving on a road trip, first time climbing out to the lighthouse, first time to Wolfe Island, first time climbing a haystack, and the first time running through wheat fields.