Saturday, September 10, 2011

Soon, I promise!

I've moved back into my apartment in Kingston!! Yaaay! There's so so so much we have to do though. We just finished vacuuming and mopping and scrubbing (and oh my goodness so much cleaning), and now we're going to go buy things for our apartment. Silly necessary things, pfff. Haha. Getting the apartment ready takes so much effort!

Anyway, I promise the rest of my vacation blog will go up soon! I haven't had much time to write it yet... I worked all the way up til the day I moved to Kingston, and as soon as I got to Kingston I had to set up my apartment, saw some friends etc. I feel like I haven't actually had the chance to sit down and rest yet. Phew!

Posts to come:
-jewelry organizer I made (it's awesome, and easy too!)

Later, gators!