Sunday, April 28, 2013

end-of-the-year cards + gifts!

True to my style, the cards I have been making as of lately are simple. I have really enjoyed finding myself in cardmaking. In reverse chronological order, here are some cards I have made lately for various end-of-the-year purposes!

To the best co-CGL, ever.

To the best housemates, whom I will miss greatly!

To the craziest but loveliest DG girls, whom I love dearly!

Grad notebooks filled with notes and pictures to the grads in our CG - you are loved!

I don't seem to have a picture of the final product.. but here are the grad dinner invites before they were cut up! Rachel and I made these together and it was my first experience with invite/type design on the computer.. so much fun!

A generic birthday card that I gave to Angie for her 21st birthday! A simple design that I am sure I will reprise sometime.