Tuesday, June 05, 2012

recently, in the kitchen.

Weekends for me consist of a lot of time spent in the kitchen. I cook and bake a LOT, and I love it! Things taste so fresh and delicious. How I ever survived off pre-packaged, instant and frozen meals, I'll never know (though they still make great meals in a rush). Here are some of the things I've made recently. Feast your eyes!

110 meatballs; now in the freezer.

12 sushi boxes; makes delicious lunches for the entire family.

A delicious chicken, kale and chickpea pasta; dinner for 2 + leftovers

Apple crisp, pre-baking (did not take a picture after- too eager to eat, of course)
Note: if you want to write directions on the cling wrap, STRETCH it out!! Makes life a million times easier.

A delicious avocado and egg breakfast sandwich using Art-Is-In's Potato, Onion and Dill baguette bread
To those of you from or visiting Ottawa, if you haven't ever tried Art-Is-In bread, I highly recommend it! Absolutely delicious! The sandwiches at their bakery are amazing too!