Monday, April 29, 2013


I'm going to study at a castle in the UK for 6 weeks this summer!!!!

Herstmonceux Castle

I can't wait!! I'm participating in a summer field program called Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Health and Disability (such a long name!) and taking 3 courses while I'm there: Interprofessional Collaborative Education; Disability Studies: Issues, Research, and Policy; and Global Perspectives in Community Based Rehabilitation. We will also be taking field trips to various places including Oxford, London and Geneva (to visit the World Health Organization!). And on top of that we are given local volunteering opportunities as well. I have no idea what I might be doing, but I could not say no. When would you ever get an experience like that elsewhere? I love volunteering, and would love to see how the material I am learning in class can apply in the real world. That is my favourite part about being a health student, after all.

I will also be travelling for a few weeks after my school term. I don't know too much about what I will be doing when I am away, but will keep you all posted as to what I will be up to! I can't wait to share my adventures with you!

As for now, I will be busy this week figuring out what to pack/how to pack/exchanging money/and all the other preparations for the trip! If you have any tips on packing for overseas travel/backpacking/hostels/food/europe in general/sights to see/good footwear/clothing choices/ANYTHING at all, I would love to hear it!