Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Wednesday 12: Favourite Christmas song, why?
I have seriously started questioning myself.. why do I have to explain why my favourite song is my favourite song, but I didn't have to explain my favourite movie? Oh well. I will do my best to do what past me indicated.

Just as I am indecisive about movies, I am indecisive about songs too!
But I've been listening to Christmas music non-stop for a good few weeks now.. and my Christmas collection grows every year, but this year there is one song that keeps popping up in my head.

Go Tell It On The Mountain sung by NeedToBreathe here, but sung by anyone really! It's been on constant repeat in my head. Go tell what on the mountain? Go tell that Jesus Christ is born! I like the song, and the message.

Another song that I come out of exams singing is The Chipmunk Song, it's just too silly to not love.

Oh how I love Christmas music!
Saturday 1: What is the significance of Christmas to you?
Sunday 2: Make a handmade Christmas card
Monday 3: Share from devotions
Tuesday 4: Take a picture of your city dressed up for Christmas
Wednesday 5: Go to the library
Thursday 6: Share from devotions
Friday 7: Treat self to a Starbucks holiday drink
Saturday 8: Write a letter to Santa!
Sunday 9: Share a cup of peppermint hot chocolate with a friend
Monday 10: Share from devotions
Tuesday 11: Share your favourite Christmas movie
Wednesday 12: Favourite Christmas song, why?

Thursday 13: Share from devotions
Friday 14: Do sit-ups for the length of a Christmas song
Saturday 15: Bake Christmas cookies
Sunday 16: Go to the gym, relax and de-stress
Monday 17: Share from devotions
Tuesday 18: Favourite childhood Christmas memory
Wednesday 19: Spend time at the campus coffeeshop
Thursday 20: Share from devotions
Friday 21: Movie night
Saturday 22: Cook a meal for the family
Sunday 23: Celebrate Christmas with close friends
Monday 24: Family festivities
Tuesday 25: Christmas Day