Monday, December 05, 2011

DIY: paper napkin wreath.

For my 4th day of my Christmas Countdown, I made a paper napkin wreath. It was super simple to make, and used all materials I already had on hand! I had lots of leftover napkins from my flower tree earlier this year.

There were no tutorials online that I liked, so I made my own very simple wreath.

First I taped some pieces of paper together to create a base, and I drew a large circle and a smaller circle to create the shape of my wreath. I just drew them freehand because it isn't important how perfect the circles are since the napkins will stick out every which way anyway.

I cut off the corners of my paper, but left the middle in because the door I was putting my wreath on is also white. But if your door isn't, you might want to cut out the middle part.

I then grabbed a napkin and bunched it up from the middle, and taped it to the wreath with the bunched part facing the inner circle. I continued this and filled the entire wreath. I did two layers to give the wreath more depth.

To hide the taped up bunched bits, I took a napkin and rolled it into a donut shape and taped it on top of all the exposed parts.

And ta-da! A wreath! It's pretty lightweight, so I just taped it to my door, and it is holding fine. Otherwise you could hang it like any other wreath too.

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