Saturday, October 01, 2011

flowery-tree wall decoration

I am slowly decorating my room, and I finally have a new part to share! The last thing I shared was my jewellery organizer which was more utility than decoration, but still looks nice nonetheless.

I now have a purely-for-decoration tree on my wall! It's beautiful!

Do you remember the napkin flowers I made earlier this summer? Well here they are being used for their original intent.

I created my tree out of bristol board pieces, and attached them to the wall. I'm a big fan of non-permanence, just in case I want to redecorate at any point. Bristol board is much more hassle free than paint (not to mention very cheap). Then I put my flowers on the wall to pull everything together. They (sort of) match my bed, see?

The great thing about the flowers is that I was able to also cover up parts of the bristol board where you could see two different pieces being attached.

Finally, my empty wall is not so empty anymore!

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