Sunday, October 02, 2011

nail painting

I love love love painting my nails. I used to hate it cause nail polish made my nails feel like they were suffocating, but now if I don't have nail polish on, I feel like my nails are naked! Funny how that works!

Last night, I tried galaxy nails, which are actually super simple. Instructions from A Cup of Jo (an amazing blog, btw! She shares amazing things everyday, love it!)

1. Get a dark blue nail polish for the base, plus a few lighter sparkly polishes (for stars and comets!).
2. Paint the dark blue on all your nails as the base layer.
3. Now layer the glittery colors over the dark blue, but over only parts of each nail. A swipe here, a dab there. Mix things up with each nail, since you want them all to look different.
4. Layer a lot, since, instead of your nails looking flat, you want to get that 3-dimensional look of a far-away galaxy, like you're gazing up at the night sky.

I saw them a while ago on her blog, but finally had a chance to try it now. Here are the colours I used.. all my purples and blues. It doesn't really matter what you use, as long as they look like night sky colours.

A tip though: You need one colour/brush that you are willing to use to swirl the colours a little and mix things up. I used my sparkly blue one to pull everything together and add sparkles to my nails. The brush ended up being a little goopy, so I washed it with nail polish remover after using it. No bigs.

Last week I did coloured tips for my nails. I love that the new normal, is doing something different. This style is essentially a french manicure, using colours other than white though. I used blue, coral, purple, yellow and sparkles.

A few quick tips:
1. To make a straight line, use scotch tape to cover all of your nail except the tip you want to paint.
2. If you want to accent a nail (as I did with the sparkles), accent your ring finger.

And there you have it! Don't forget to moisturize your fingers, they get mighty dry especially with the use of nail polish remover.