Sunday, September 18, 2011

cake plate.

I love the easy DIYs that exist in life. I do so many easy DIYs in life, that I'm sometimes ashamed to call myself a DIYer. Does it really count, if all you did was buy materials and put it together? There was no creativity involved! But I guess you can say that about all crafts.. you simply "buy the parts and put it together".

I made a cake plate to put Henrietta's cake on. I don't know if it qualifies as a true DIY, but it sure is cheaper (and easier to find) than a real cake plate! The good news is that you can use whatever materials at all. It really doesn't matter!

All you need is something for the stand, and something to hold the cake. I used a cup for the stand, and a tray for the cake. You can use anything from a candleholder, to a wine goblet, to a cup for the stand. And you can use trays, bowls, plates, or whatever shape and size of dish that pleases you for the top.

It's seriously the easiest thing in the world.

Cake Plate

● Cup/candlestick holder/wine glass for stand
● Plate/bowl/tray
● Super glue/epoxy

1. Grab your two pieces, apply glue to one side and attach in the middle of your dish! Ta-da! Was that not the easiest thing in the world?

You can even make it multi-tiered for a cupcake stand if you want! If you were feeling extra crafty, you could spraypaint your entire creation to create a more unified look. I left my spraypaint at home in Ottawa, but it would really make for a nice touch to paint the cake plate.