Wednesday, September 21, 2011

many minor stresses.

I don't need this right now. So many small things happened today. My goodness I hate technology! So not reliable.

1. Word and Powerpoint keep freezing on me.
You are supposed to be better than OpenOffice. I paid $100 for you, and I didn't want to. But you're supposed to open the notes that my profs send out, and you are supposed to work, dammit. Whenever I open Powerpoint, it will work for a while, and then freeze. If Word is open too, it crashes as well. I can open Word on its own (so far, fingers crossed). Ugh. Brand new. Legal. And not working. I've only used it for the past like.. 2 days!
EDIT: I ran a Disk Utility repair thing... I think I fixed it? I hope?

2. I can't find my iPod.
I misplace things all the time, I usually don't remember where I put my phone. But I'm not too freaked out about this one because I don't think I've taken my iPod out of my room for the past 2 weeks. So it should be here. I usually use it as a remote control for my iTunes when I'm in bed. Yeah, I'm that lazy. But seriously, I've looked under my pillows, blanket and bed and I don't know where it is.
EDIT: I found my iPod, yipee!

3. My monitor is all fuzzy.
I have a monitor that I plug into my laptop so I have more screen space, but so far it's just cause me a lot of unnecessary stress. It should be as simple as plug and play right? But my goodness it is fussy! It was fuzzy when I first got here, so I unplugged and replugged all the cables back in about a million times until it decided to start working. So 3 days later it started working and all was fine (well okay, the screen also is old and seems to not be very sharp. I didn't notice this before, but it's dim and dull and there isn't anything I can really do about it.. bummer). Out of the blue, today it decides to be all fuzzy again. UGH. I just don't have the patience for all the unplugging and replugging again.

4. (Not technology, but) My desk is slanted.
I got my brother's desk, and he used to have 2 of those giant fat old monitors on it, so the desk curved. I took good care of my desk and it's nice and flat, but nooooo my parents send my brother's desk with me to Kingston.. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I can tell that my desk is slanted cause my monitor is slanted, and my keyboard doesn't sit flat and all these small details really irk me!
EDIT: I stuck some things under my monitor so now it is straight (but it doesn't work yet lol.. still fuzzy!)

Too much to handle. I think I'm going to crawl into my bed and read my novel for health class. At least my book isn't going to spontaneously combust on me. Ugh.