Thursday, August 04, 2011

long weekend and a bit.

The long weekend was definitely one of my funner weekends this summer! I did so much this weekend, I was hardly ever home (in fact, I don't think I was home at all). So much fun and friends involved, from Kingston to cottaging, to casinos. This post is quite gigantic, but I included photos. Read on!

On Saturday I went down to Kingston with my parents to set up some furniture in my room (my apartment is now livable, great success!). It took us all day, and lots of hard work (especially on my Dad's part- thanks Dad!) bu we managed to assemble the dresser, the bed, and two tables. My dad also toiled away to put blinds up. The blinds come with the room and they were too short for the window, how silly. I will have to solve this somehow. Any crafty ideas? I'm thinking of just getting a few hooks or something to hang up a little piece of fabric over the bottom half of the blinds and just put that there for night time and when I get changed. Other than that, I don't really mind if my blinds don't reach the bottom and I can put decorative things on the windowsill to show off.

My parents went home after dinner (we ate at Greco's which was delicious by the way! It looks super fancy inside, but the prices don't necessarily reflect that. It's not cheap, but not too pricey- could be a good place for a date or anniversary or nice dinner type thing). I stayed the night and went out with David to a few of his friends' places. It's nice seeing other people's houses.. they are all gorgeous in their own way! Or just really cute. I guess I haven't seen any really dirty gross places yet.

The next morning, Sunday, I woke up bright and early at 7am. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I was not sleeping in a bed I was used to. Since David was not yet awake (apparently my only friend in Kingston for the weekend, haha) I decided to go for a stroll around town. It was super empty and quiet and nice to walk. If I wasn't so far from the water, that would have been a good place to walk along. I then went home and decorated my room a little and continued working on my photobook project before going to church at 10. Man, I've missed Bethel, it's a good church. I love the worship songs and Pastor Mark really is a good speaker. His sermons also seem to apply to me more than what I am used to hearing at home. After church I went home and continued working on my photobook as David was still not awake!! Such a productive morning. Once he did wake up though, we went out for breakfast/lunch (I guess people call that brunch- but I had lunch, he had breakfast). Also met up with our friend Kelly and chatted a bit before heading off to Rose's cottage for more good times.

Pretty much as soon as we got there, we got into the lake and Rose's Dad taught us how to windsurf. SO COOL. Also, so hard. I got up to the point where I can stand there, and hold the sail. That is about it. I couldn't turn the board with my feet, so I kept cruising into the rocks so I'd jump off and swim out again. Oh well, I'll get it, some day. For dinner we had an amaaazing stir fry and noodle thing that Kate made. I don't actually know what was in it. Vegetables, and chicken, and deliciousness, pretty much. Played some cranium at night and Kate and I got our butts whooped by David, Rose and Rose's Dad. Ah well, twas fun (I love the drawing and sculpting ones!!). On Monday, Rose, David and I went on a canoe adventure around their lake. It was suuper nice out, but alas, I am not a very capable canoe-er. When I was steering (trying to steer..) it took us about 10x as long to go anywhere, hahaha. I fail.

An amazing roadtrip-like weekend.. but it doesn't end there! After work on Tuesday, the three of us went rock climbing with Jocelyn at Coyote Rock Gym, which was super fun. I am a very incompetent climber, as I have very little arm strength. But I am also really good at psyching myself out so I just have to work on not creating mind blocks. I did quite a bit better this time than last time though, as I made it to the top of the wall on a few 5.6 difficulty walls. Woot!

After that, Rose, David, Dylan and I went to the casino. Yes, on a weeknight AFTER going rock climbing.. What rebels (tired at work? Pfft, worth it). We all lost money, but it was serious fun. I won some money at slots, but I kept playing until I lost $2 total (big gambler, I know). I should have quit while I was ahead!! There was also this really cool fake horse race track! You could bet on the horses (you had stats to look at) and then the plastic horses ran around a track! It was mega cool. And the horses ran kind of realistically too, it was strange. They passed in and out of lanes and all. I don't really understand how it worked.

Look at us! We are blurry. But we had fun :)

I also asked the bartender to pretty much make me whatever drink that was tasty and fruity. He gave me a Swedish Raspberry and it was mega tasty! It was really sweet. David said he didn't like it that much cause it reminded him of jager. I've never had jager so I don't know. The drink tasted kind of like berry + peach + lemonade to me. Not really sure what alcohol was in it. But it was tasty, and expensive. I spent $8 on my drink, that is much more than I gambled (I only lost about $3 to gambling).

Seriously one of the best weekends ever, with some of my favourite people ever. Going camping next week!! Summer is never over. There is always more to come!