Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY: decorated phone case.

I got a new phone a while ago, and tried looking far and wide for a phone case that was at the same time protective, durable, pretty and affordable. But apparently, no such case exists for the iPhone 3 because it is so old.

My best options became a white hard case, or a black hard case. They were a little plain for my liking, so I got the white case and made a promise to myself that I would decorate it.. and that I did!

The hardest part was deciding how to decorate it. Many ideas later, I decided to copy this onto my phone, in mini version.

Materials: phone case, coloured nail polish, makeup sponge (or paper towel, or any other sponge), clear nail polish, tape, scissors.

I cut my tape into thin strips (though I would probably do thinner if I were to do this again, simply because the "canvas" is smaller than most) and arranged them in any kind of interlinked pattern.

I experimented with the painting process, and found that what worked best was to paint the coloured nail polish onto the tape, and then dab at it with the makeup sponge to spread it around the body of the case. If you put the colour right onto the case and then dab it, the spot where you originally put the nail polish will be a lighter coloured spot.

The case dries really quickly, since there is actually really little nail polish on it. Once it's dry, remove the tape and repeat the same process with the clear nail polish. I painted the nail polish straight onto the sponge and dabbed it all over the case. (Note: if your case, like mine, separates into two parts, take the case apart before painting the edges that would connect or else you might accidentally glue your case together)

Easy, beautiful, and done!


  1. This is really pretty!
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  2. I just did this!! It turned out great!! Thanks for the tips:) xxxx