Wednesday, August 03, 2011

emergencies and fiascos.

A while back, I mentioned that something shocking happened while I was at dim sum with some coworkers, but since then I have had some other crazy encounters as well.

So first that time at dim sum, as we were devouring our food (and there was certainly a lot of food- I usually pay $10-$12 at dim sum, but that day I paid $17!!) someone collapsed on the other side of the restaurant. I saw a guy from the next table get down and start doing CPR on the fallen man. It was quite scary and exciting at the same time. The paramedics were arriving as my coworkers and I were leaving the restaurant. I'm not really sure what happened but that was seriously the first time I've witnessed something major.

A little while later, my friends and I were going to the beach and as we were making a left turn onto the road that leads up to the beach, an ambulance was coming from our right. I reacted a little slow and was not sure where to go, so I drove into the wrong side of the road.. good thing there was no traffic or I would have created another emergency! Head-on collision!! Eek. Anyway, we followed the ambulance into the beach (such a weird feeling, usually you flee from sirens not follow, right?) and found that someone was down on the beach and there were already paramedics there doing CPR, and a group of lifeguards, police and firemen were all gathered (and quite a large crowd by that time too). Found out that he died in the hospital later. I don't actually know what happened in this situation though..

And to think, I have witnessed more craziness this summer than while lifeguarding in the last two years combined.