Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dad's birthday party

It feels like it was ages ago, but I keep pushing back posting because I’ve been so incredibly busy these past few weeks.. more on that later though.

So as I mentioned earlier, I was in charge of decorations for the party. I browsed through many images for inspiration on pinterest, and finally decided on some pretty simple balloon, ribbon and streamer combinations. Simple was good, especially for time constraints. We were having lots and lots of people over, enough to have to separate our group into 4 distinct groups (men, women, teens, and littluns – who aren’t that little anymore, they are teens now too, crazy!). I had to decorate each room accordingly. On a scale of who cares more, I decided on “moms > teens > littluns > dads”. I guess it was by number of females in each group. That wasn’t intentional, but it happened. Anywho, that dictated the amount of effort that went into decorating each room. Here’s proof of my decorating:

We had food from T&T Supermarket for dinner. By this, I mean we ate an entire BBQ pig. It was quite a sight, an entire pig, just for us! It was actually kind of creepy because there was a pig’s head there too, and all I could think of was Lord of the Flies.. Funny story though! Apparently the pig wasn’t good (I couldn’t tell), so one of the parents went back to T&T to complain, and we ended up getting a whole new pig, for free! There was another party the next week. I could tell that the pig was much better that time around. Yum, pork.

It was fun, and a good start to my incredibly busy month of fun. There’s still more to come!!