Thursday, June 30, 2011

ribs and a wedding

The Ottawa Ribsfest was last week. After some convincing, my friend Rosemarie and I went downtown for the Ribsfest for lunch on our weekly let’s-buy-lunch-Friday (we usually split a Subway sandwich, not nearly as exciting as ribs..). I had a 1/3 rack of ribs, and they were sooo goooood! They were really tender, and incredibly saucy. Oh man, I’m drooling now thinking about them. I also managed to eat them without using my fingers at all!! It was quite a feat.

This past weekend, I helped out at Rosemarie’s sister, Katrina’s wedding party.. thing. It was fun! I served food, and ran around all day. I also got to tell the two other girls what to do. Not on purpose, but they always asked me what to do. I don’t think I knew what to do any more than they did, but I just had to make decisions and run with them. The venue was beautiful. It was right on the beach at their friends’ place in Constance Bay. It makes me want to own a beach house! I missed all the wedding-like events (vows, speeches, slideshow, etc) because I was working, but it didn’t matter.. I love weddings- big weddings, small weddings, it doesn’t matter! I just love weddings! The idea behind weddings (vowing to spend your entire life with the person you love) just makes for such a joyous occasion.

COMING SOON: Canada Day, Bluesfest, and Harry Potter midnight premiere…!!!!