Thursday, February 21, 2013

photos: cards

I love paper, and all things paper-related. Well, maybe not paper cuts, but I digress.

I love greeting cards and love to make them! But usually I am too lazy, or busy. My cards are not anything amazing (I have some friends who are amazing card makers.. I aspire to be them!!), but I love doing it, and hopefully my handmade cards will be something beautiful one day. Until then, here is a snapshot of some of the cards I have made in the last few months!

Jenna's birthday was way back in December, and this was the first card I had made in a long time that uses different materials/layers and isn't just drawn on (like the one below). As simple as it is, I thought it was SO BEAUTIFUL when I made it, haha.

My pastor and his wife celebrated their 25th anniversary around Christmastime, so our congregation got together to give them a Christmaversary present and card! This was the card, and the inside read: "Wishing you the best on your/the 25th" because it was their 25th anniversary, and Christmas is on the 25th!! So funny, right? It was all Jocelyn. I can take no credit.

Now, this card I had am amazing idea for it way back when and got really excited but had to hold tight because I know that Rosemarie reads my blog.. eep. I was so hyped up about the card itself, I had no idea what to write on/in it. So I'm not a big fan of how I wrote "Happy 20th Birthday Rosemarie" on the front, but oh well. (Oh, and she's a mountain climber, hence the mountain)

My housemate, Angela's birthday was recently too! I really really like how the individual lettering turned out. It looks fab, but cutting out the tiny letters took waaay longer than any of my other cards. But hard work always pays off, right?

That's it for the time being! If I make any other cool cards, I'll be sure to share them too.