Saturday, May 14, 2011

18 going on 30.

My friend called me '18 going on 30' the other day. I can't wait to be 30, I hope to accomplish so much by then. But until then, am I already living the lifestyle of a 30 year old?

1. My friends called me out to watch a movie at 9:30, and I contemplated not going because it was too late (hey, I work at 8 every morning!)
2. My favourite blogs feature fashion, home, food and baby posts. (just planning ahead for my future home and baby ;D)
3. Tonight (Saturday night), my entire family is out socializing with their respective friends, and I am at home enjoying my noodles, tea, book and a bath.

But really, I think you can enjoy whatever you want at any age. Whether you are young at heart, or old at heart, it is best to just live out your life, the way you want to. Get out there and enjoy it! After all, you only get one chance, might as well be doing what you want, and not what others expect.