Thursday, September 27, 2012

bloglovin' vs google reader.

I recently added my blog to Bloglovin', so if you use Bloglovin', go ahead and follow me using this link!

Follow on Bloglovin

Truth be told, I'm not a user of Bloglovin'. I'm actually an avid Google Reader user. I love love love it, and follow all my blogs using it. RSS feed readers in general are super convenient for following blogs because you can read them all in one handy location!

One thing I do really like about Bloglovin' is that it looks great! It's super clean, brings you right to the blog post on the blog itself, and you can use their handy navigation between blogs you follow.

As far as looks go, I think Bloglovin' wins. But I am going to stick with Google Reader for its functionality. Plus I can sign into my Google Account once, and be good to go with Gmail, Calendar, Blogger, Reader, YouTube, etc. I love Google? Haha.

I do have to admit though, I do miss out on lovely layouts because Reader puts them into a standard template (which actually looks great and uniform). But I try to comment on posts I enjoy and that way I am pretty familiar with my favourite blogs' layouts!

If you do use Bloglovin' though, you can now follow me! To each his own!