Friday, September 28, 2012

friday faves {seventeen}

Such a cool idea to fill an empty room. How tall are you?

A hilarious tumblr poking fun at the new iOS 6 maps. Ridiculous!

These misplaced "quotation marks" are quite amusing!

This journalist's middle name is 8. Yes, the number 8.

What I learned this week:

School has started. Therefore assignments and tests have started too. Duh. {My brain is legit still on summer mode, somebody help me!}

I rediscovered my love for word searches while working on a fair trade word search at the Oxfam Co-op booth. Come visit me at the Walkhome booth in the JDUC on Thursdays between 2:30 and 3:30 to buy fair trade chocolate, coffees and teas! Do it. {Sorry for the Queen's jargon, come visit Kingston?}

I learned how to type lots of useful symbols on my MacBook.. ∑≠±µ (all useful when taking notes in stats class) and éàîç (all useful for French). Option + other keys, knock yourself out!