Saturday, February 25, 2012

windy city.. chicago!

Earlier this week I went to Chicago for a few days to visit my friend Karen! It was really lovely. I learned that Chicago is called the Windy City because of its politics, not because it is windy... though it certainly is windy!

Just to share a few highlights of my trip, here are some photos:

A rock on the campus of Northwestern University.. what the random? Love it! (Can you read it? It says "On this site in 1897 nothing happened")

So I know that Magnolia Bakery is more of a NYC thing, but I love this photo, and it was really yummy.

The underside of the bean. Mandatory tourist spot.

FRESH GUACAMOLE. Seriously. Highlight of my trip right here. She is soo efficient at making it and it was soo good!

Deep dish pizza, yumm. Heart attack right there. Chicago staple!

It was super nice to see Karen again (we are childhood friends, but in the past 5 years we haven't been in the same city for more than about 5 days at a time.. crazy, right?) and to see her school and town. One of my favourite parts of my trip was being able to explore their town on my own (Evanston is so cute!) and going to cafes and general chillage time.

Side note, I flew with Porter on this trip and I had a great experience. It was really nice because I flew through the smaller airports in Toronto and Chicago, so security and customs was super fast and everyone was really nice. Gotta love the smaller airports (Pearson and O'Hare are typically such nightmares! Glad I could avoid those). I would definitely recommend Porter! They feed you on their flights, and if you fly through Toronto (and most of their flights transfer there), you get a beautiful view of downtown Toronto and access to a great lounge while you wait. I really liked it!