Wednesday, January 18, 2012

day dreaming.

I'm sitting at home all wrapped up in sweaters, scarves and blankets.. trying my best to stay warm and away from the frighteningly chilly Canadian outdoors. I can't help but imagine the places I'd rather be right now!

Big City Gal: It's probably equally as chilly in NYC right now, but just imagine a life in the city, wearing cocktail dresses, seeing Broadway shows, and encountering unique personalities every which way you look.

Country Mouse: I imagine myself somewhere in the European countryside all bundled up in warm clothing with tea and a book and sitting by the fireplace in front of a large window looking out on a beautiful winter garden.

Skiing in the Alps: Can you just imagine it now? Endless mountains, beautiful slopes, and nothing but fun fun fun!

Somewhere Down Under: If it's winter here, it must be summer somewhere! I just want some sun, please! ATV-ing across the desert, or walking along a boardwalk, or swimming in the ocean. Anywhere warm sounds beautiful.

...aaand we're back. I have a major case of winter blues. Winter has just set in, and though I am thankful for the snow (winter just wouldn't be winter without it), I am already looking forward to happier, dryer weather.

The smile is deceiving! This was me a few days ago, when I was happy to see snow. Different from today, when I am tired of the puddles, ice, and slush.

How do you deal with the winter blues? And where do you go when you day dream?