Friday, January 27, 2012

baked oatmeal adventures.

Okay, so typically I am a "follow the recipe" type of girl, but today I was feeling rather impatient, and craving baked oatmeal RIGHT AWAY!!! So I did a quick search on budget bytes, and came across this recipe for baked oatmeal. Now, I didn't actually read it, I just skimmed it, looked at pictures, and looked at the list of ingredients. But the only things that caught my attention were "fruit, yogurt, and oatmeal". So that's all I used..

I chopped up an apple, threw it in a bowl, spooned yogurt on top, and sprinkled a pack of instant oatmeal (apple cinnamon variety, yum). I covered my dish with tin foil, because I assumed the moisture from the yogurt would seep up into the oats, and I didn't want everything going dry! The recipe did warn about this. I baked this in a toaster oven for 20 minutes at 300F, and after 20 minutes it looked the same as it did when I started.

That's when it occurred to me that I probably should have mixed the yogurt and oats together. So I poured some milk in to moisten my oats on top, and put it all back in for another 20 minutes.

And hey, it didn't turn out so bad!

But I will never have a career in food photography, that's for sure. I am always too impatient to eat! I already took a bite.

The only thing that was kind of weird was this soupy mystery. I think it is because I didn't mix the yogurt and oatmeal together. I'll have to try again to solve this!! And next time, maybe I will follow a recipe a little closer.

I am actually really excited to try this again. If made in a bigger dish, I could throw it in the fridge and I would end up having breakfast made for a week. Simple and yummy. This is sooo much better than normal oatmeal, which I despise. Baked oatmeal retains the delicious oatmeal flavour, health benefits, and wonderful texture, but when eaten in the normal way it's a sloppy mushy mess. I have finally fond a way to eat my oatmeal. Huzzah!