Saturday, October 22, 2011

get variety in your diet.

Remember back in elementary school, how you used to eat the same turkey and cheese sandwich everyday, all year? Or at least, I did. I really love routine. Routine is what drives me. I love knowing what is coming, and it's just very easy for me to fall into a regular rhythm of eating and doing the same thing, all the time. Routine, to a certain extent, can be good! But in terms of eating, having the same sandwich everyday is not helping your nutrition in any way.

Get some variety into your diet. It will give both your mind and your body a workout.

It is not only beneficial because you will have the opportunity to get more nutrients in your body because of the increased variety of foods you stick in your body, but it will also turn on the creativity in your brain and you will surely discover new ways to eat things!

I'm on a bit of a health kick right now.. and by that I don't mean I'm on some new mega fancy diet, I mean I am kicking myself for not being healthy.

Ultimately, I would love to have a beach bod by the time I go to Mexico this winter (YEAH! I'm going to MEXICO!! I can't wait!!). But realistically, I just want to start feeling better, and more energized. It is proven that healthier people are happier people. I want to be a happy person too!

More exercise, healthier food, and more variety are all on my list of things to do.

All this is said while I'm eating instant noodles, and drinking a glass of apple juice. I have much to change in my eating habits.