Friday, October 21, 2011

thoughts on couponing.

Extreme couponing.. it's a thing now, apparently. I have yet to try it, though I do quite enjoy reading about people who do. It's impressive! Can you imagine walking into a store, not paying a cent, yet leaving with your arms full?

I do tend to jump at freebies, and samples. That is something I will get my hands wet for (Is this a saying, or did I just make that up? I can't tell).

Anywho, I wonder if extreme couponing will one day reduce the number of discounts and sales that stores will offer? The whole point of offering such savings is to encourage us to show up in the store, and to spend MORE than we had originally intended, right? But if these stores start giving things away because of all these coupons and crazy coupon ladies (they always seem to be women!!), will the company lose money, and will the rest of us suffer?

I think in the long run, the population of extreme couponers is much smaller than the general public, who does spend a lot in such stores. So nope, hopefully we can still benefit from a little discount from a coupon here or there, and hopefully these will continue for a long, long time.