Tuesday, July 05, 2011

canada weekend part 1

This past weekend was one busy weekend in the Nation's Capital. With the royal couple in town, many tourists were drawn to the downtown core on Canada Day (I sound like a news report..).

Anyway, I had a visitor of my own! Maybe not my own, but I had a friend come up to visit Ottawa for the weekend. The first night, Jocelyn, Galvin and I all stayed at my place, but we all stayed at Jocelyn's place for the rest of the weekend. I cleaned my room like a maniac, just for that one night. I hope to keep it clean, for the next little while at least.

Jocelyn had to leave for work at 8:30 on Canada Day, so Galvin and I got up to eat breakfast with her. I guess we just got an early start to Canada Day by default. This made it no problem for us to see the royal couple downtown!!! I was so excited!! Galvin was more like "well.. might as well while I'm here". We met up with a few of my friends from high school when we were downtown and we all ventured around downtown together all day.

I also painted my nails for the day..

There was lots of walking, lots of waiting, lots of talking, and lots of fun times had while we saw the royals, ate beavertails, shopped the byward market, ate dinner at Memories, wandered around the parks and watched fireworks. A very packed day, and needless to say, I passed out as soon as I touched my bed. Actually, I fell asleep once I got into Jocelyn's car. Fun and tiring day indeed!

That's not it! More to come later in another post..