Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a not-so-typical day at the office.

Today was a departmental wide BBQ, and I was volunteering, but I was too cheap to buy a ticket, so I did not (they were $6). I was afraid that if I were around food all day and did not buy a ticket I would be mega hungry, so I ate a big breakfast this morning (by big breakfast, I mean I ate a breakfast.. I normally just grab half a muffin). However, as soon as I got to work, my big boss (my bosses' boss, see below) offered me her ticket! She bought a ticket but then was unable to attend. And I told her I'd pay her back but she said not to worry about it, that it was her treat. How nice!

Office Organization Chart, according to me (well.. sort of chart):
Director General (DG)/Big Boss > Manager/Boss > Supervisor > ME!

So today I volunteered at the BBQ, set up chairs, served salad at the vegetarian station, and put away tables and chairs. I actually really enjoy volunteering at events such as these, even though they are rather energy consuming (nap time?). They were being mega strict about serving everyone only one of everything so there would be enough left for everyone (apparently they ran out of food last year.. !!) but by the time I ate and everyone was filtering out, I got two pieces of chicken, a piece of lamb, a sausage and two pieces of beef. As well as salad. I could have eaten the vegetarian pasta too since I was at the vegetarian serving table. So much food! It was really tasty too!

A guy from my high school is working as a summer student here and was one of the event organizers. It was nice to see him.. Actually, it was nice to meet him. I don't think I ever spoke to him when we were at the same school.

So really, I guess you could say I wasn't really in the office today. I came to work, worked for an hour, volunteered most of the day, and then worked an hour and a half at the end of the day. However, I felt more productive today than any other day. Sometimes I think when you do physical work, it feels more satisfying than anything you can do electronically.

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