Saturday, May 07, 2011

first week of work, check.

My previous post was incredibly truncated, so today I will expand on what I am doing for work.

I am a full-time 8-4 office worker now. This is new to me! I have always worked part-time at pools, scattered around the city, working at odd times (often 11-8). I'm excited to have regular hours now, and not have to confuse my circadian rhythm internal clock too much.

I am not in charge of anything in particular, but I am the helping hand in the office. I am responsible for a lot of organizational tasks, such as creating binders for presentations and documents, addressing mail, creating lists, creating calendars, etc. I will pretty much do any kind of small task that they wish me to do in the office.

I have finally gotten (almost) completely set up now. I have a cubicle, a place to lock my things, a computer account, an email, and I just signed the form for an ID badge. I am also in the process of filling out all my pay forms, so hopefully the paperwork will go through without too much delay, and I can have an ID badge, and get paid! Once all of this is done, this job will feel so much more official.

This job is amazing. I get paid much more than minimum wage (it's about on par with what I was paid for teaching swimming during the school year last year, but I have more hours now) and it's super relaxing. I can take my time doing tasks (yet they tell me I am resourceful and efficient), and the tasks that I do get to do, I really enjoy! I think this is an amazing opportunity, not only as a resume padder, but a great learning opportunity for me. I am still uncertain as to where I am going with my future, and learning about office life will definitely give me experience and insight into where I may be going.