Tuesday, May 03, 2011

public servant

I'm working the the Government of Canada this summer. I just started yesterday, and it's kind of awesome. I feel really important, since I work in a real office building. A real job, for a real girl!

I haven't done too much at work yet since they are still trying to set me up with a computer, id card, email address etc. So far I'm still exploring things, discovering things, and learning things. It's pretty exciting to have my own cubicle and my own space though. It feels like such a legitimate job.

Due to my early start time, I must actually get ready for bed soon. It's kind of sad, I have become an old lady. But that's alright, I am making money. That makes up for it.

I am actually so exhausted, but really want to get this post out and share with you guys, so these thoughts will be incredibly truncated: Elections. Majority. Conservative. WHAT? NDP opposition. WHAT? Minuscule Liberal party. WHAT? Someone please explain what happened. These results shocked me greatly. I'm not too too surprised though, the Liberals and NDP are both more left winged and lots of the votes got split among the two, and Conservatives managed to sweep lots of votes. I'm really interested to see what the next four years will unveil. I'm really curious as to how this NDP opposition will affect Canadian politics. I guess we'll just have to see!

More later!