Friday, November 09, 2012

friday faves {twenty three}

A smartphone controlled lightbulb. Our phones are becoming our universal remotes.

The effect of typefaces in politics. Hm? How 'bout that election. Exciting, right? Meaning, I didn't follow it at all. But finding out that Obama is elected for another 4 years was still pretty exciting.

What I learned this week:
Let us delight in the Lord, because He delights in us!

I am not very good at picking up dance choreography, but I still love to dance. I am so grateful for my weekly morning dance sessions with my dear friends Jocelyn and Angie. I can learn choreography in the company of very helpful and eager friends!

Contests make everything better! CoGro has a golden ticket contest going on right now, where they hide awesome gift certificates in their pre-made sandwiches, and it makes me want to buy their pre-mades all the time!! It also helps that their food is delicious, too.