Saturday, September 08, 2012

DIY: geometric art

For my 19th birthday, Rosemarie got me the BEST PRESENT EVERRRR. She gave me all the materials I needed for something I pinned on pinterest: canvas, paint, tape, brushes.. all of it. Makes my life so easy! {I am now 20, so she gave this to me not this past summer, but two summers ago..!} I pin lots of craft projects on Pinterest, with the best intentions. They are there as inspiration for an art project that I will attempt.. some time.. in the near far future. I just finished doing two of the simplest paintings ever, using 2 of the 4 canvasses Rosemarie gave me (I will show you the first now, the other later). Man, I'm slow! Anyway, onto the art.

This painting was super simple, and doesn't require many steps. It is simply this. First, cut thin strips of tape, and tape them across your canvas all over the place. Start with one paint colour and paint some areas. I used grey as an accent colour (much like the original pin), so I only painted a few of the shapes grey.

Paint the rest of it a different colour (blue blue blue!)

...and peel the tape! This is the funnest part!

Wasn't that simple? Rose gave me all that I needed and it took me this long to do. Um, I fail.