Monday, August 13, 2012

social media etiquette.

I recently got thinking about the "rules" I follow for blogging.

And so to not get anxious about my blog readership or the content quality on my blog, here are a few things I've adopted as my own social media rules, to be a better blogger..

1. Positivity

This is one of my life rules in general.. I try to be as happy and positive as possible because, well, why not? Live a little and laugh a lot!

2. Interactivity

Sometimes blogging can feel very lonely.. do you guys actually read the things I post? Do you care? (#selfconsciousblogger). I have to remember that there are lots of lurkers out there (hi guys!!) and that I do the same. But sometimes I try to leave comments at my favourite blogs, on interesting posts. And while I'm writing I ask myself too, would I comment on this post? I love getting comments on posts so I always answer them - well, maybe not if the comment just says "Awesome!" or something simple.. use your judgement! (a quote on treating blogs as breakfast tables)

3. Down-to-earthness

This blog is me, the real me. It's not any kind of pretentious act or anything. I try to write like I talk, so excuse the mess of words sometimes! I abbreviate a lot (maybs) and I do giggle at myself (teeehehe). The cheesiest reminder that we've all heard a million times by now holds true.. be yourself!

4. Interesting-ness

I hope I choose interesting things to talk about. I don't write about how I went swimming and I got water in my ears, cause that just wouldn't be a very exciting story to share (but in all seriousness, don't you hate that?!?!!). My blog is a curated storyboard for you to enjoy :)
Something I seem to forget is how important editing is.. Ah well, it's definitely getting added to the list.. better editing to come!

Some of these may seem so obvious, and they should be! It shouldn't be hard to keep up a blog, just put your elbows into it. It's nice to sometimes remind myself of why I blog. :)

this modern manners blog is after my own heart!