Wednesday, August 08, 2012

getting the house ready.

My new house in Kingston is a mess. Was a mess, still a mess, and will be a mess until we really move in. It's been partially cleaned and renovated, but still.. a mess. What can you expect? Four boys lived there before us, and it is a student house. It is what it is.

This past weekend I went down with my parents to finish moving in all the big items to my house. It was the last weekend we could, because we're getting rid of the minivan tomorrow, eep! I grew up in that car..!! But that's a whole other story..

Anyway, I moved the rest of my stuff to my house in Kingston, and found out that my landlord didn't redo the flooring like he said he would..!! Sadface. So I called him and he said he's been having issues getting the contractor to come in.. so I could either risk waiting til labour day weekend and see if he can get the contractor in before then, or redo the flooring over Christmas. I said Christmas. Bummer, though. But I think I want to suggest that he redo the flooring in the living room downstairs instead of upstairs hallway/my room because the carpet downstairs is way grosser than my room flooring (even though my room floors dip down in the middle.. haha!) I set up my room and I have 2 desks... but I think I will use desk #2 as like.. a printer/school supply storage station thing.

Awesome possum.