Sunday, May 20, 2012

vision, glasses and laser eye surgery?!

I had an optometrist appointment last week, and I am happy to confirm that my eyes are healthy, haha, yay! My optometrist did mention something interesting though. He told me that since my vision is starting to stabilize and not change so much, I can start thinking about laser eye surgery.

Hold up... laser eye surgery?!?! Uhhhhhhhhhhh, okay. I have never thought about it as a reality for me. It has always existed as something that other people do, but never me. I have pretty bad vision (-6 to -7) so I can't even imagine how amazing it would be to see clearly again without glasses or contact lenses.. wow! But it sounds kind of scary... lasers? Eyes? I don't know anything about laser eye surgery. Would you go for laser eye surgery?

On another note though, it is time I update my glasses. They are about 3-4 years old and the prescription is pretty off. Ever since I got contacts, I have stopped wearing my glasses regularly. My eyes dry out quickly while wearing contacts but I don't really have the option of wearing my glasses anywhere except around the house because I can't see things too clearly from far away. I tried wearing them to class last year but couldn't read anything on the screen at the front of the lecture theatre.

I've been looking at glasses from These look nice!

I put in my prescription, and since these glasses qualify for the free first pair deal, the total would come to about $65. Sounds good! Oh, this is the price without the coating options. I don't think I've ever gotten any additional coatings before (Anti-Reflection, Scratch Resistance, and UV Protection). Do they really make a difference? I am also a little worried about ordering glasses online. It's weird ordering something so important from an online retailer. Thoughts?

I got my current pair of glasses from Costco, and I am pretty satisfied. I will probably try to go to Costco with my dad next week to check out their glasses and see if there is anything there I like.