Tuesday, January 03, 2012

too much holiday party rocking.

I need time to vegetate! I thought that since it was the holidays I would have more time to blog, but since I got home from Mexico I have been out and about constantly, and if not, then my brother and I have been marathon watching Gilmore Girls together. We're about mid-3rd-season now. That's not very much, but that's because we have been mega busy.

A few hours after I landed back in Ottawa, I went over to David's and caught up with some friends, and since then I've also had a family dinner, been rock climbing, had a "girls night" wine a cheese party for New Years Eve (there were boys present too, what started as a girls night ended up as an all around pleasant fun night.. though the boys had their fun acting girly, gotta love 'em!), family friends party, and yet some more dinners...

Some of the notable things to happen in the last few days include..
..Smashing my wine bottle as I was leaving my house for NYE

..Finally climbing the boulder at Coyote (last time I tried, I hurt my ankle and have been afraid of bouldering since)

..Teaching and playing mahjong with Joce, Jess and Spencer (and having the students beat the teachers)
(no pic, sorry, but it was fun!)

I am full to the brim, yet still have more plans before heading back to Kingston. Hopefully I survive and catch up on sleep soon!