Friday, December 02, 2011

23 days until christmas!

Whoo! Today I did jumping jacks to an entire Christmas song. That's one way to get your heart pumping! Also, that is a lot of jumping jacks. I never realized how long a Christmas song could be! (The song I chose was 3:40, pretty standard song length, haha!)

I did jumping jacks to Extraordinary Merry Christmas, sung by the Glee Cast. It has a really good beat and makes a good workout tune! Does the start remind anyone else of TGIF from Katy Perry?

Today was my last day of classes (though I still have one more class, but it's online) and then it's time to study! And finish my assignments/projects, yay! ...yay. Haha! But I also have a dance recital tonight, which I am moderately pumped for. Only moderately pumped because I don't know my hip-hop dances very well!!! Shh! Wish me luck!