Sunday, November 06, 2011

avocado fries.

This weekend (well, maybe just Saturday) was a day filled with baking. I love cooking and baking with friends! I'm going to separate all the food into two different posts.. So first up are the avocado fries!

I first saw this idea on pinterest, and thought "OH YUM! I HAVE TO DO THIS!!!!!!!" (yes, with that much excitement too!)

They were super easy to make, meaning that they are exactly like the baked chicken nuggets or sweet potato fries I have made in the past. At first I tried the recipe that was provided on the site. It asked me to mix the bread crumbs, flour and eggs all together, and dip the avocados into that mixture. Um, well my mixture turned into a big ball of, well, dough. I wasn't really sure how I could dip my avocado slices into the dough, but I tried. I tried peeling off a piece and pasting the doughey mixture onto the avocados, to no avail. It was such a pity! I ended up wasting a whole lot of ingredients, and trying again but dipping in the egg before covering in the dry ingredients. It worked out much better that way.

Unfortunately, the fries didn't taste that good once they were baked. They were rather on the bitter side. I think it is because the avocados were not ripe enough, despite the fact that my housemate had gotten them a while ago. The fries tasted much better in my imagination.

I guess you could say that I completed the pinterest challenge! I made something that I pinned! Actually, I made two somethings. But the next something will have to wait for another post. But let me tell you, it is a DELICIOUS something! I am kind of sad that Henrietta and I shared our baking with so many friends, because it means less for me to enjoy!! I'm kidding. I love sharing, and it means less indulging for me, and therefore good for my health. Always a bonus, right?

PS. Check out the mummy dogs Henrietta and I made for Halloween!