Thursday, October 13, 2011

blog layouts and rss feed readers.

I follow all my blogs in an rss feed reader, and it means that I don't get the see the beautiful layouts on all the blogs that I read. I read for content only, but I'm not sure that this is a good thing!

Some people spend so much time on their layouts, and I really want to appreciate them. I love a beautiful layout. But I also love the convenience that Google Reader gives me by putting all the blogs I follow in the same place.

I just redid the look of my own blog. I simplified it (simply steph, right?). Well, really, I'm using a Blogger template, but I customized the colours, sizes, and fonts of the various aspects of the template. I also redid my about me blurb, and a few other small things here and there. I like the new look, it's clean.

Someday I hope to learn css, html, and coding to a certain extent so that I can create my own beautiful sites. I'm tired of using templates and modifying someone else's coding. I took a basic class at summer camp when I was 12, but that was a very very long time ago. One day, I will be able to create my own layout, but for now, I have switched to Blogger's "Simple" template.