Thursday, September 01, 2011

perfect blazer!

I got a new blazer at Forever 21 when I was in the States. I actually saw the same blazer at H&M later for about $5 more (and I would think a little more durable than F21.. it felt like it was better quality but I had already gotten the F21 one and you can only return for store credit, so I decided it wasn't worth returning. I should have waited! But I'm over it already). Anyway, it's exactly what I've been looking for in a blazer!

It is proper, but not stiff. It is a flattering fit, and goes with almost anything I own. Perfect for the office! (though I'm only at this job for another week before I head back to school..!)

I love it when you find a perfect piece of clothing. Be it your favourite jeans, pair of flats, cardigan or comfy tee, these pieces make the wardrobe.

Also, I just finished removing the stitching that was keeping my pocket closed. I've always wondered why pockets are stitched closed, do you know why?