Monday, July 18, 2011

not-so-bluesfest night

Oh wow! Not sure if you've heard in the news already, but the mbna stage fell down in the crazy wind last night at Bluesfest, cancelling the remainder of the festival.

Video from YouTube.

I hadn't quite made it to Bluesfest as I had intended to, so I only heard the news via text message. Didn't quite believe it at first! Anyway, scary stuff.

I've heard many different stories from friends, family and coworkers about their experience. My brother was running to the War Museum when he saw the stage collapse, and a coworker said he was watching the band play, and they walked off moments before the stage collapsed.

My adventure isn't quite as exciting. Instead of going to Bluesfest, my friends and I decided to turn around and run away from the dark cloud, and go to bubble tea instead. We were going to go to My Sweet Tea, and I thought it was open, but didn't realize that it was undergoing renovations. But they let us come in and take cover, so we got a "sneak peek" of their renovations!! It's really nice in there!! Much more seating space, and it's super modern looking. Totally going back in a few weeks when it reopens.

Anyway, spent the rest of the night playing Carcassonne at Dylan's. I love the game!! It's also the only game I can seem to win at, haha. I never win at games nights. I won yesterday, but I snuck up from behind, without even knowing it myself. Rose and David were battling it out using at least 3 men each to win the giant field (this might make no sense to you.. but essentially you have to strategically place tiles/men to earn points). I had a few large and unfinished cities and a few unfinished cloisters so I got a few points that way and won by only 3 points or so. Tight game!

Crazy weekend for me, and it's back to the mundane-ness of the office. All I did today was tweak some documents I made last week, and type type type away. It's been a slow start to this week so far.