Thursday, June 09, 2011

theatre kid at heart, forever and for always.

These past few days, Ottawa has been hosting the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, so I've been trying to see as many shows as I can.

Yesterday I saw Kawasaki Exit, and I have to say, it was a truly interesting play! They started the play in Japanese, with English surtitles. The last night is tomorrow night, so I hope I am not spoiling it for anyone.. *SPOILER ALERT* but they proceed to repeat the play again in reverse, in English, with Japanese surtitles. It was actually really cool and really well done! I was kind of confused while I was watching the play though. But they were marvelous actors. The memory work must have been insane! Good on them.

In the next two days I am also seeing Silicone Diaries (which promises to be an interesting show), Kismet One to One Hundred, and This Is What Happens Next.

If you are in Ottawa, be sure to check a show or two before the festival ends on Saturday! It's supah awesome cause youth can snag $5 tickets. I love deals!