Monday, June 06, 2011

canucks fever!

This past weekend I got to see a lot of my Vancouver family. It was pretty great, although the circumstances that brought us all together could have been better.. we were all in Toronto for my aunt's funeral. She is in a much better place now though, and no longer has to suffer the pain of her cancer.

It was really really great to see everyone again (or at least my aunts and uncles- the cousins all stayed in Vancouver). We all watched the hockey game on Saturday together. Vancouver Canucks against Boston Bruins, Stanley Cup Finals, game 2!!! My aunts are all such biiig fans. It was hilarious, in a way- watching some of them sit on the floor, inching forward, sitting on their feet/knees, getting so excited when the Canucks almost scored... All in all it was a great game. They went into OVERTIME and it could have been a long night, but then Burrows just took the puck behind the net, and juust managed to push it in around the other side of the net at 11 seconds into the overtime!!! Excitement :)!


Ah, I now have Canucks fever. I'm not a big fan, but it's fun to follow. I guess I have always followed the Canucks these playoffs, but to be honest, this was the first game where I watched more than a period!

I also had ice wine for the first time ever. It was so sweet and tasty! Wine and hockey? My family is classy! ;)

I can't wait til I see everyone again at my cousin's wedding next year-ish? I have only ever been to one wedding before, and I was too young to remember very much. I have had a bit of a wedding craze as of lately, reading wedding blogs, looking at wedding photos etc online. I can't wait for people to get married! Ahhhhh, weddings!

Family times are fun times.