Saturday, June 18, 2011

names that i go by.

Do you ever get given a name that someone always calls you? I mean nicknames, or even sometimes when someone completely mistakes your name but keeps calling you by that name?

I think it's interesting how you can actually get accustomed to responding to such a large variety of names! Here is a sample of the names I have acquired over time:

The security guard at the front of my building calls me this most mornings. Sometimes he gets my name right, but often times, I go by the name Natalie. I really like this name though, so I don't mind going by this name.

My soccer coach sometimes calls me Catherine. I am not sure why, but also wouldn't mind being called Catherine (though I don't really respond most of the time). Maybe I'd consider it for a daughter's name.

Gaga/家姐 (ga je, meaning older sister)
My brother has grown up to call me Gaga. When he was younger (first learning to talk), he took the first word in the Cantonese term for "older sister" and repeated it. (The psych student in me wants to yell out "ONE-WORD STAGE!") So yes, I was Gaga before Lady Gaga hit the scene.

I recently got this gangsta nickname. I like it. Yo don't mess wit me. I'll beatchu up. (Ya, I'm so G)

But of course, the majority of people call me Steph. And that (or Stephanie) is what I prefer (well, it is my name!)

On the other hand, it's weird when someone different uses the nickname someone else has created. Don't you find?