Thursday, April 21, 2011

almost there..!

Only two more exams until summer!

I have so many aspirations for this summer, I can't wait.

This blog, an awesome summer office job, lots of bluesfest, shopping, driving, photography and more! I can't wait. I hope I can accomplish all that I set out to do.

In terms of photography, my parents got a DSLR this past Christmas, and I hope that through practice I will learn to use it. I also hope to carry my point and shoot around wherever I go to capture moments that often don't get appreciated.

I am also really excited to work in an office this summer. I have lifeguarded for the past two summers, and am tired of sitting outside all the time (I know, this sounds weird, right?). The sun is actually so energy draining, and I'm excited to be learning new stuff this summer!

And for music, I definitely want to attend bluesfest as much as I can. You can't beat live music, it's amazing. I'm also playing soccer again this year for the first time since grade 10, and I hope I have not forgotten how to dribble and kick. Oh man, it's been too long! I plan to also join a church and fellowship at home now, and hope to grow spiritually as well.

Am I crazy? Do I aspire to accomplish too much this summer? What do you think? Wish me luck!