Tuesday, April 26, 2011

home, at last.

That Ottawa Girl is finally back home, in Ottawa.

I spent all of today relaxing. It's been nice. I told myself that I'd allow myself to spend one day relaxing at home, doing absolutely nothing. And that I did. I tried to start unpacking, but that did not happen. It is simply too overwhelming! I can't imagine anyone enjoying the act of unpacking. I simply accumulated too much stuff over the 8 months I was at school, and now to find a place for all this stuff in my already crowded room... Hah, funny joke. I'll need to figure something out.

It has been raining all day here, another good excuse to stay locked up indoors. I wish I could say that I curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good read, but sadly, I just ate KD out of a pot just as if I was still in residence. It's a tough transition, alright!

Hopefully tomorrow I can kick start my summer. Go to the library, find some good books, catch up with some friends, finally repaint my nails (which I would not allow myself to repaint during exams - too much of a distraction) and take some pictures.

Get ready summer, here I come!